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== International Challenge ==
This is a very serious call to action. A Challenge has been made, and many languages have taken up that Challenge. Please see [[:en:User:Llywelyn2000/A Fistful of Nuggets|here]]. It is about focusing attention of all languages onto one small part of this planet: Wales. It also brings everyone together in a way not done on WV before. At the moment you have only 3 articles on Wales - [[Cardiff]], [[Swansea]] and [[Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch]] even though the area of Wales is similar to Switzerland or Israel. [[Gebruiker:Llywelyn2000|Llywelyn2000]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:Llywelyn2000|overleg]]) 10 jun 2014 08:56 (CEST)