Overleg gebruiker:FredTC: verschil tussen versies

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::::::::Dan laat ik die kopjes nog even oningevuld. Groet, [[Gebruiker:MartinD|MartinD]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:MartinD|overleg]]) 26 feb 2020 16:44 (CET)
Is Wikivoyage your Personal property or what. --[[Gebruiker:A.Savin|A.Savin]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:A.Savin|overleg]]) 10 mrt 2020 18:06 (CET)
:No [[Gebruiker:A.Savin|A.Savin]], it is not my Personal property, but you replaced the choice of photo by another editor ([[gebruiker:Ischa1|Ischa1]]) who was the creator of the article, by your photo. You did not give any explanation. By doing this you implictitly say to that user "your choice of this photo was so stupid/wrong/bad that I can replace it witout explanation", and that is very impolite. --[[Gebruiker:FredTC|FredTC]] ([[Overleg gebruiker:FredTC|overleg]]) 10 mrt 2020 18:19 (CET)