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[[Image:The Wave, Utah.jpg|thumb|300px|The Wave, one of Utah's myriad astonishing rock formations]]
'''Utah''' is in de [[Verenigde Staten van Amerika]].
'''Utah''', [http://www.utah.com] located in the [[Southwest (United States of America)|Southwest]] region of the [[United States]], is well known for its year round outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, boating, water skiing, horseback riding, camping, and rock climbing. The capital city of [[Salt Lake City]] has a number of unique modern and historical sites to visit.
| regionmap=Utah regions map.png
| regionmapsize=250px
| region1name=[[Wasatch Front]]
| region1color=#99cc33
| region1items=
| region1description=Home to [[Salt Lake City]], the majority of Utah's population, huge Mormon temples, and ''world class'' skiing
| region2name=[[Canyon Country]]
| region2color=#cc6600
| region2items=
| region2description=Mars on earth; few people reside here, but some of the world's most extraordinary desert landscapes and enormous national parks await
| region3name=[[Northeastern Utah]]
| region3color=#669900
| region3items=
| region3description=High desert landscape, mining settlements, and the Uintah Mountains, home to Utah's highest peak
| region4name=[[Dixie]]
| region4color=#b2cc7f
| region4items=
| region4description=Utah's southwest is home to striking desert landscapes, forested mountains, ranchland, and the warmest spot in the state
| region5name=[[Central Utah]]
| region5color=#999933
| region5items=
| region5description=Rolling hills, agricultural land, and historic Mormon settlements abound in the Central region
| region6name=[[Western Utah]]
| region6color=#ffff99
| region6items=
| region6description=Endless desert, rugged terrain, salt flats, and the Great Salt Lake
*[[Salt Lake City]]
*[[Cedar City]]
*[[Park City]]
*[[Saint George]]
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