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It's also important to remember that ''any'' user can edit, change, redirect, move, or otherwise muck with almost any article on Wikitravel. It's not really necessary to wait for an administrator to do some "administrative" work; in fact, it's best to just [[Project:plunge forward|plunge forward]] and do the job yourself.
==Administrator worden==
==Becoming an Administrator==
Als je denkt dat een Wikireiziger een administrator moet worden, en dat kan ook jezelf zijn, dien je hun naam te posten op [[Project:Aanmelding administors|Aanmelding administors]] met een kleine uitleg over waarom die persoon administrator moet worden. Na zeven dagen overleg, zullen de andere admins hem de status van administrator geven.
If you think a Wikitraveller -- including yourself! -- should become a Wikitravel administrator, post their name on the [[Project:administrator nominations|administrator nominations]] page with a brief description of why the Wikitraveller should have administrator privileges. After seven days of discussion, another administrator will grant them admin status.
==Ending Administrator privileges==