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When new [[Project:Wikitravellers|Wikitravellers]] set up a [[Project:how to create a user account|user account]] and make a new [[Project:user page help|user page]], it can be nice to welcome them onto the site with a brief '''welcome message'''. This has the dual benefit of letting them know that we want their help and shared knowledge, as well as giving some good starting points for learning how to be the best darn contributor ever. See also [[Project:HowHoe toongewenste handleedits unwantedbehandelen|Hoe editsom te gaan met ongewenste bewerkingen]] if the newcomer is not too familiar with Wikitravel conventions.
Anyone can welcome new users to the site, and they can use whatever text they want. It is recommended that new user is welcomed if they:
[[en:Project:Welcome message]]
[[es:Project:Mensaje de bienvenida]]