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Wiki's iterative process has its advantages in these situations. Person A may add a listing for Joe's to the Crane's Butte guide, and B may edit the article afterwards and take it out. A may put it back in. B may take it back out again, or B may change the recommendation for the chili to a critique.
If it stays in this cycle, we have an [[Project:edit warBewerkoorlog|edit war]] -- people just editing a page over and over. What we usually do, however, is work out a '''compromise''' using the [[Project:using talk pages|talk page]] for that article.
Persons A and B would try to figure out what kind of wording meets our [[Project:goalsDoelen anden non-goalsmissers|goals]] and expresses a [[Project:neutral point of view|neutral point of view]]. We get to a point where the wording in the article is acceptable to everyone. Through editing and talking, we reach a '''[[Project:Consensus|consensus opinion]]''' -- a version of the guide that gives the [[Project:the traveller comes first|traveller]] the best information they need to make their own decision.
The downside of this method, though, is that daring, challenging, opinionated or controversial statements tend to get softened or elided out of articles. That's OK, though. Wikitravel isn't an entertainment or fiction Web site. It's a '''travel guide''', a reference book that gives practical, factual information to the traveller. It may not be as flamboyant as something written by a single person, but we think it will still have valuable, readable, accurate travel information.