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Hello! VolkovBot (contributions) is operated by Volkov, sysop @, it's active on many wikimedia projects, and now I hope it will be helpful for wikivoyage as well. It's supposed to be run periodically to maintain interwiki links across different language versions. Please approve for a bot bit to avoid clogging recent changes. Thanks. --(WT-nl) Volkov 20 aug 2009 04:54 (EDT)

agree to run bot, don't forget to integrate the conditonal test 'YES' or 'NO', you can put it on YES yourself--(WT-nl) Canshun 1 sep 2009 05:12 (EDT)
  Bot werkt niet meer. --Globe-trotter (overleg) 27 jun 2013 12:00 (CEST)


Deze bot update inter-language links.

  Bot werkt niet meer. --Globe-trotter (overleg) 27 jun 2013 12:00 (CEST)