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Due to my work for PUM, a Dutch NGO, starting in 2000 I've been travelling to special places in the world. Very often places where people are trying to develop tourism as I am an expert for hotels and tourism. All my albums can been seen at http://www.webshots.com and search for: "albums" "rfenger" .Uptill today, August 2009, I do have 140.000 hits. Small revieuws with pics of the places are comming up.

Projects in the different countries realized up till now:

1998 seminar “ Hospitality” in Feodosya (Crimea). 15 small hotels. 1998 seminar “ Hospitality and Human Resources” in Moscow. 1999 seminar “Incoming Tourism” , 20 small touroperators. 1999 a quality investigation and advise for 5 hotels in Lithuania. 1999 reorganization and training the staff of the Impala Hotel, Arusha,Tanzania. 2000 seminar “Hospitality and Marketing” in Evtuporia (Crimea). 2000 seminar “Hospitality Management and Human Resources” in Vilnius (Lithuania). 2000 consulting and training restaurant “L ‘Afrique” in Lusaka, Zambia. 2000 seminar “Environmental Hotel Management” in Kung Minh, China. 2000 seminar/advise “And what to do now?’ for the sanatoria (20) on Crimea, Ukraine. 2001 seminar, Agro tourism in Poland. 2002 Arghankelsk (Russia) consulting 8 Hotels. 2002 Yerevan (Armenia) Seminar Human Resources 2002 Sofia (Bulgaria) consulting and training the Chepishev hotel and restaurant. 2003 Arghankelsk (Russia) seminar, management course for the hotel directors. 2003 The Gambia ( database tourism) for the GTA. 2003 Yerevan (Armenia) consulting and training the Hotel Terjan. 2003 Namibia consulting and training the Caprivi River Lodge 2004 seminar Marketing & Sales , Beirut Libanon 2004 consulting and training the Apart Hotel La Paz, Lima, Peru. 2004 consulting and training Robin Bobin, fast food chain in Voronezh, Russia. 2004 consulting and training Lanka Culture Hotels, Colombo Sri Lanka. 2004 consulting and training Aneka Beach Hotel, Bali, Indonesia. 2004 consulting and training restaurant Slavjanka, Schipunovo, Altayski Kray,Siberia, Russian Federation. 2004 consulting and training Hotel Parallel 69, Moermansk, Rusian federation. 2004 consulting and training Motel Stari Hrast, Plana Nova, Serbia. 2005 training the staff of the Kinasi Lodge, Mafia isle, Tanzania 2005 consulting and training the Nilketha Villa hotel, Anadurhapura, Sri Lanka 2005 seminar and consulting Prestige catering Dobryanka, Perm, Russia. 2005 consulting and training Caprivi River Lodge, Namibia. 2005 conslulting Hotel Zaqatala, Zaqatala region, Azarbijan. 2006 training and consulting the Viethouse lodge, Ha Long, Vietnam. 2006 consulting for renovation project, Hotel Satkar, Katahari, India. 2006 training and consulting Hotel Da Pietro, Cartagena, Colombia 2006 training and consulting Hotel Villa Mar, Cartagena, Colombia 2006 advising and training security department Hotel Grand Palace, Kalinigrad, Russia. 2007 advising, training and reorganisation of hotel Unirea, Iasi Romania 2007 consulting and training Motel Stari Hrast, Plana Nova, Serbia.Follow up. 2007 consulting and training hotel Splendid, Ouaga, Burkino Faso. 2007 consulting and training Bennie’s entertainment Park,Namibia. 2007 consulting and training Green House Coffee shop, Lattakia, Syria. 2008 consulting restaurant Les Couleurs D’Afrique, Dakar, Senegal. 2008 consulting and training Berlin Art Hotel, Armenia. 2008 consulting and training Viet House Lodge, Ha Long, Vietnam. Follow up. 2008 consulting and training Resort Hotel Baobab, Serrekunda, The Gambia. 2008 consulting and training Regency City Hotel, Dibrugarh, Assam India. 2008 training Raj Mahal Hotel, Guwahati, Assam, India. 2008 advising project Apart Hotel, Kaliningrad, Russia. 2009 Follow up Baobab Resort Hotel, Serrekunda, The Gambia. 2009 Involved with the implementation of the hotel classification system of Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda). Advising and training the staff off the Ministry of Tourism Of Tanzania in Dar es Salam. 2009 consulting and training Hotel Gaweye, Niamey, Niger. 2009 Follow up Regency Hotel, Dibrugarh, Assam, India. 2009/2010 consulting, training, MLM Marketing, advising the Hotel Yuznaya, the Sturman Group and the Olympia resort in Volgograd, Russia. 2010 consulting and training the Hotel Pacifico . Huacho, Peru. 2010 consulting and training the hotel Casa Blanca, Huacho, Peru.

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