[en] Moving multilingual coordination to shared:Bewerken

Hi, Kasper. I hope things are going well for you. I wanted to talk to you about some proposed changes for multilingual coordination on Wikivoyage. We want to move the "center" of Wikivoyage from en: to shared: and move discussions that affect all Wikireizigers to that more neutral site.

The main types of discussion to be moved will be technical issues (bug reports, feature requests, announcements) and language coordination (language expeditions, go-between reports). Discussion of things that only affect en: will stay on en:, of course, as for all language versions.

Our hope is that this will stimulate contributions on non-English language versions by putting all Wikivoyage versions on an equal footing. The proposal is on en:Project talk:Technical infrastructure policy and en:Project talk:Language version policy. It'd be great to get your feedback there. --(WT-nl) Evan 6 jul 2006 12:57 (EDT)


Verwijzend naar het overleg per email deel ik je mee dat je beheerdersstatus binnenkort beëindigd wordt. --Rein N. 13 nov 2008 06:16 (EST)